Ronda Rousey Not Fighting for Once

Ronda Rousey Not Fighting for Once

After a recent upsetting loss to Holly Holm is Ronda Rousey trading in her fight gloves for a microphone? Rousey will not be fighting for once, and will take on another challenge. She has officially announced she will be hosting a Saturday Night Live (SNL) special on Jan. 23, in New York.

Rousey will be the first mixed martial artist to host the show, although, many athletic figures have hosted the comedy skit show prior to her. Some of these iconic athletes include Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, and Tom Brady. She hosted SNL with another first-time host, Selena Gomez, who will also be the show’s musical guest.

This will not be the first time Rousey will be behind a camera. She has appeared in a number of commercials since she is sponsored by, the well-known athletic shoe company, Reebok. The MMA fighter had a role in Furious 7, as a bodyguard, where she showcased her fighting talents in a fight scene with Michelle Rodriguez. She has played other roles in movies and on television, such as the Expendables 3 and Entourage. The fighter was also the first female athlete to be a guest-host on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Rousey’s name increased in popularity when she won twelve consecutive fights. She struggled in her last fight against Holm in November 2015 and, as a result, lost the first fight of her career. Rousey became the first female to sign a contract for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Dana White, UFC president, has often questioned whether or not to allow female fighters into the ring, but it seems the recent successes of this MMA fighter, have helped him decide. She proved that a young woman from Southern California can have what it takes to change the game.

It has not been announced when Rousey will fight again although it has been made public by her sister, losing to Holm took a toll on her, and may have changed her in multiple ways. The fighter suffered from a kick to the head, which resulted in a knockout (KO) win for Holm. Rousey was the favorite to win the fight, especially since her game was at its peak and she had not taken any losses up to that point. According to Rousey’s sister, her name and popularity plummeted and she has received negative feedback from fans around the world, as well as from figures in the entertainment industry. It was said that her loss to Holm, along with the negative comments have caused her to feel depressed and let down. For weeks prior to the fight, her fans praised her talents and now it seems they have turned on her. She was confident she would win the fight, but instead lost by a KO.

Though there is no official date for Rousey’s return, she has stated there could be a potential rematch sometime this year against Holm. Rumors state that it may be at the prestigious, UFC 200 in July. While her name has suffered from negative feedback after an upset loss to Holm, hosting SNL may assist in bringing her name back to her fanbase and it may, in fact, bring back her confidence as well.

By Tricia Manalansan


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