Another Obamacare Lie Debunked

Another Obamacare Lie Debunked

Republicans continue to denounce the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. When it became law four years ago, the GOP made several statements claiming harmful results. The said that there would be ‘death panels;’ insurance companies would decide who would receive critical. They claimed it would be a takeover of the insurance industry by the federal government; insurance companies are making record profits. Republicans said that illegal immigrants would receive insurance coverage; they haven’t. Claims that because companies would be forced to provide health insurance jobs would be lost have been proven false. One allegation which did prove true was that some would not be able to keep their present insurance or doctor; that did affect two percent of the population and the President apologized for the error. Now another lie about Obamacare has been debunked.

Republicans claimed that Obamacare would result in a decline of the number of individuals who seek necessary health services. In 2014 those who delayed seeking medical care because of cost declined by 14 million.

Obamacare has not solved all of America’s health care problems; costs are prohibitive for far too many including those who have insurance. However, most health services are now available and affordable for eight million Americans who were unable to seek care previously.

Republicans continue their attempts to repeal insurance for millions of Americans who could not afford it previously. If you are happy with your health care, let your Congressman know. Health care for all Americans should be a right and not a privilege for a few.

By James Turnage




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